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    How to add widget using CreateEmbededWidget?


      Hi Team,


      I have to implement echosign in my pdf file,i have started to create the new widget

      from CreateEmbededWidget.I have test account ,I can ping with my apikey and send test file also working well.

      When i try to create embeded widget using CreateEmbededWiget in SOAP API with my pdf file its giving the following error

      " Document Title is required. (apiActionId=XW2L8DU63B5JI48)"




      In my code is following,



                       ES = new EchoSignDocumentService18();

                      Pong pong = ES.testPing(apiKey);

                      SenderInfo sender = null;

                      WidgetCreationInfo widget = new WidgetCreationInfo();

                      FileStream pdfFile = new FileStream(@"D:\test4.pdf", FileMode.Open);

                      echosign.secure.com.FileInfo file = new echosign.secure.com.FileInfo("test4.pdf", null, pdfFile);

                      echosign.secure.com.FileInfo[] fileSizes = new echosign.secure.com.FileInfo[1];

                      fileSizes[0] = file;

                      widget.fileInfos = fileSizes;

                      EmbeddedWidgetCreationResult embResult = ES.createEmbeddedWidget(apiKey, sender, widget);

                      if (embResult.success)

                          return embResult.javascript;

                      else if (embResult.errorCodeSpecified)


                          return embResult.errorMessage;