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    Photographers plan and selling images created from them


      I have been searching some time now to find an answer but I can't find anything conclusive,


      In our country (the netherlands) you can have a 'company' as a person (The person is the company and the company is the person, no difference at all only an added company name to your entity but non the less privately liable etc.), for this, the bussiness plans offered by Adobe may be a bit too much if you only need Photoshop. In my case the CC Photographers plan looks very nice and useful. Because you have a company with only an owner in it and no other staff, it seems that the Photographers plan seems compatible due to the one license per person (individual). But now comes the tricky part:


      In the EULA it states that Service Bureaus can't use the software commercially. This is a bit unclear to me, because in the Netherlands every company that provides a service (taking photos and sell them, creating designs for websites or other media) is being considered as a service bureau/company.


      So I have a few questions and I hope a staff member will answer this question as I have seen some answers on the forum but by other users (they do not know for sure) it is just as a gamble as not asking this question at all.


      1. Can I use the photographers plan, in the Netherlands, and sell everything I create from it or use that I create from it in other commercial product such as websites, mobile apps and games?
      2. What exactly is the definition of a servicebureau according to Adobe as described in the EULA's?


      I hope you guys can answer this for me because I really want to use Adobe Photoshop in my workflow but I do not want any issues or problems later.


      With kind regards,