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    LR5>any fixes for the slowness

    ~IanB~ Level 1

      others seem to have the same slowness dramas I have been having with LR5.5 so no point type them out again; but what I would love to know has anyone come up with a total fix for this  drama


      I even totally removed LR5 and reinstalled it twice ; not to mention the computer being at the doctors several times!


      Surely Mr or Mrs Adobe or the kids would watch forums like this so hopefully they will reply and prove everyone who  thinks they don't really care  wrong


      Cheers all



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Above all, optimise your catalogue.

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            ~IanB~ Level 1

            Thanks for that John; could be a couple of points there to follow up on >performance.


            Atm the catalogue is pretty small as I have moved old stuff into other cats and #3 cat is optimized when backing up the cat.


            Using the adjustment brush: I have found by setting all sliders to 0 and using the mask overlay to show the brushed area works OK and doesn't seem to slow things down. When brushing is done then the values can be changes the suit.


            ATM I don't see any reason to keep using LR5 as I have been able to reload LR4 from my original disc. I'm also very disappointed as I was thinking/hoping LR5 would save using PS but it seems the tools I was interested in and why I upgraded to LR5 are basically unusable and I think adobe could have done more before selling the product.


            The big drama now is I have been using LR5 and I don't think there is a way to get LR5 data back to LR4. Luckily it is not work related these days. So I guess I'm just going to have to rebuild my rather extensive keyword list that I have spent quite some time reorganizing in LR5


            BTW: using a 8gb Asus lappy with win 8 and i7 with 1/2 the disc empty. 


            Thanks again John; appreciated.

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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't see any difference in performance between 4 and 5, and performance problems are not really related to catalogue size, so focus on the recommendations in those links rather than pinning the blame on 5.

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                ~IanB~ Level 1

                4 works and 5 doesn't John. I have been stuffing around with this problem for months and to be honest I'm a bit sick of it. I noticed a slowness to day I bought it.


                But I will certainly look into those links more before I go back to LR 4 full time so to speak. It's just LR5 hasn't got much extra for me imo so not much point driving a partly good new car when I drive a fully working old car that gives no drams.


                If I find something that works I will certainly let the world know it