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    Strange problem: flash not working properly in IE

    Flamebg Level 1

      This is a link to the webpage where is my flash gallery. When u open the it u will see the gallery on top, little pictures will appear and will slide to the left. When u click on a small picture, a big picture will appear of the same little picture. The problem is that in mozilla firefox and opera for example it works perfectly but when u open it with interner explorer 7, most of the times when u click on a small pic, just the window where the big pic should load shows up, but the pic doesn't load... if u close it and open it second time it opens. The script is the same for all pics. I don't understand why it is not working in IE. Anyone with more experiance should have already faced this problem.. and maybe figured out why this happens... please help !

      Thanks in advance.

      The link is temporarily, so to speak it content changes cuz of testing differnt things so u will see my gallery if the date u read my question is close to the date I've made this post.