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    Can I use a boxed version key to unlock the trial version of LR 5 ?




      here's my question :

      If I buy a boxed version of Lightroom 5 from, say, Amazon, can I use the key to unlock my current trial version I've downloaded from Adobe's website ?


      My main problem is that I'm living in a foreign country now, I plan to switch from Aperture to Lightroom, and from an old Macbook Pro to a new Retina one (without optical drive). So basically, I'm not sure I can buy the program from here (and still get the proper language I need… any clue about that ?), and that I can install it from the DVD too (because the Retina Macbook Pro won't read it). But I can order it from Amazon in my country, ask a friend to message me the key, and enter it into a downloaded program (such as the trail version I'm using), if it's technically possible.


      I don't need Photoshop at all (and on't have the money for it…), that's why I'm looking for the boxed version of Lightroom instead of Creative Cloud offers.


      Thank you