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    Roles in Local/Network Connection

      Hello - I've got a site set up with multiple folders (mysite.com/sales, mysite.com/HR, mysite.com/marketing, etc.).
      There is going to be one person responsible for each folder and there is a separate DW template for that folder. When I go to the users PC, the only way I've seen to set up the connection is
      1) add them all to the root of the site and apply permissions based on templates. This causes a problem because I have to give each user a drive mapping for the site root. Obviously, I don't want them dragging and dropping folders from windows explorer.
      2) Create a separate share and map each site to the appropriate folders and send connection keys based on share permissions.

      Going this route, I also have to create a new role in contribute based on folders, such as a sales, marketing, HR. etc... site then create individual keys to for each role. So the writers role is basically useless.

      Does anyone know of a smarter way to go about this. We purchased the product based on the concept that it could be controlled with templates, which can be done, but I don't see how to do it w/o giving all users pemissions to the root, which I'm not comfortable doing.

      Running Windows 2003 server with IIS 6 on a development server and production server. Users would only have access to edit content on the development server. Being a local/network connection, FTP is not an issue.

      Any ideas and guidance would be much appreciated.

      Thank You