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    Saving Video Metadata in Lightroom 5.3


      Hi all so i've imported a pretty vast keyword text document in to Lightroom with hierarchical structures and i'm now in the process of keywording a few thousand video clips taken with various cameras.


      I've imported a small folder of footage in to the catalog and i've assigned keywords to around 80 files. I'm still testing this method so I haven't gone ahead keywording too many files yet.


      I've assigned keywords to these files and I want to save the metadata to the original video file preferably to XMP so the keywords can be read in Bridge or similar by a client once they have a copy of all the video files later, however i can't figure out how to save out the metadata.


      The 'Save Metadata to Files' option is greyed out, and the 'Automatically write changes to XMP' option in Catalog Settings is checked but doesn't seem to help. Do I need to save my catalog first or am i missing something huge like Lightroom cannot save keywords to video XMP?


      Any help would be much appreciated.