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    Pictures defect - in parts showing only diagonal stripes




      since today (14.07.14) I get more and more pictures in lightroom showing in parts (approx. 25-75%) only white with diagonal stripes.

      I'm terribly worried because even if I delete one of the pictures in lightroom (not deleting from disc) and then re-import the file via sync folder at first it will show up normal until the initial calculations are finished. Then it's back damaged (see included screenshots).

      I checked the discs, and everything is fine.

      There's no action which I can connect it to. Some of the files weren't even touched except being imported, checked - everything ok - and some time later reviewed and suddenly they're very ugly.

      I've got a Win8.1 64Bit ultrabook with 12GB RAM an internal SSD for the system and the catalog and an external HDD for the pictures. On both discs theres more than half the disc empty.

      Lightroom is version 5.5. Since the upgrade from 5.4 I got several freezes. Sometimes I won't start (taskmanager showing Lightroom in processes but no app showing up).

      There's no other problems on the machine. All software working fine.except lightroom.

      Anyone any idea?



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          dj_paige Level 10

          This is almost always a hardware problem where the photo is not being transferred properly to Lightroom. The problem could be any piece of hardware in the transfer chain, including camera card, card reader or USB cable, hard disk and even memory problems. You need to try transferring the photo by replacing each with different hardware and/or trying it on a different computer to determine what the problem is.

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            Waljakov Level 1

            Hello dj_paige,


            thanks for the reply. My biggest concern is that the symptom may be spreading. I'm too worried even to start LR too often and to do things which may.harm my collection.

            Is there any way of making shure that the pictures arrived safely on the disc and won't corrupt spontaneously?

            If the process of importing the pictures is dangerous, I can cope with. But they shouldn't start behaving badly afterwards.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              This has nothing to do with Lightroom. Starting it a bazillion times will not affect this problem or make it worse.


              If your hard disk is having problems, or any other piece of hardware is having problems, then of course the problem could indeed be getting worse. Lightroom only reads and displays the information sent to it by the hard disk, and if Lightroom displays a corrupted image, then that is because the disk sent Lightroom a corrupted image. You need to diagnose where the problem is, like I explained earlier.