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    ActionScript Retardation

      So, I'm trying to get into Flash development. I'm running into what seems like a very simple problem - so simple no resources I can find mention what I'm experiencing as a problem.

      I've got a total of 6 .swf files - a master.swf, a splash.swf, and four content swfs - bulletin, audio, evidence, and connections. I've created a movie clip loader on the master.swf that launches the splash.swf into level 5. Works like a charm.

      Now on splash.swf I have four buttons - each one in essence being a link to one of the four content sections with the intent that pushing the button would load the appropriate swf onto level 5 thus over-writing the splash and allowing me to move on with my day. So for each button I have added the ActionScript:

      on (release) {
      loadMovie ("nameofthefile.swf", 5);

      I mean, this is straight out of the Script Assist panel - why doesn't it work? I've checked the help file in flash, and it appears that my buttons should work - they just don't. What am I missing?
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          dr_ross Level 1
          try replacing
          "on (release) {
          loadMovie ("nameofthefile.swf", 5);
          }" with

          on (release) {
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            Rothrock Level 5
            I think you need to use loadMovieNum( ) if you plan on loading into levels. And I don't think you need the path because the level knows where it is.

            Also, if your swfs and the html page (I assume it is in an html page) are in different folders, the path to all external assets will be from the html page, not the calling swf(s).

            Also one other note, please don't edit your posts. A lot of people (and by that I mean several of the people who answer the most questions around here) use newsreaders to follow the forum. They will not see your edits. So just add an additional post.