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    Master page items repositioning to center of page?

    jamie Pritchett Level 1

      I have a 68 page 8.5 x 5.5 document, facing pages, with a number of different master pages for different sections - master pages have bleeds for elements that bleed on the document outer edges. When I delete an interior page, all my master page items move into the center of the spread on all pages following the deleted page. when I try to re-assign the master page to replace the one that's messed up, I get an error message (Master Page Size Conflict" saying "Page 14 (or whatever page) has a custom page size. The page can retain its current size or be resized to match the new master."

      All page sizes are the same throughout the document. All bleeds are the same in the masters and the document.

      The only fix is to manually apply the master to each page (very frustrating) and click on the "Use master page Size"  button in the error message generated for each page through the entire document. What a hassle!

      Shouldn't I be able to just apply a master? This only happens after deleting a page - so there must be some type of left/right page conflict. Surely this issue has popped up before, but I can't find anything.