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    PDF exporting with slightly incorrect dimensions?

    Keavon Chambers Level 1

      I am creating a single-page document with the dimensions of 8.58 x 3.7 in and exporting it as a print PDF. Acrobat says it is 8.58 x 3.70 in and I read that it rounds to two decimal places. Opening the PDF in Illustrator and it says the dimensions are 617.76 x 266.4 px. Divide those by 72 and you get exactly 8.58 x 3.7 in. However, the printing service I upload it to keeps reporting that it has the wrong length/width. I contacted customer support and they said that, upon closer inspection, the PDF is actually 8.58333 x 3.69444 in.

      Why is InDesign exporting the document at slightly incorrect dimensions?