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    Is Cinema 4D Lite R14 limited to 800 x 600 render resolution even after activation/registration?

    emdiar Level 1

      I created a new Cinema 4D scene from within After Effects and discovered that I couldn't make the output resolution larger than 800 x 600. In the rende settings window I get the message:


      "Image Resolution: 800 x 600 Pixel - Application license limit of 800x600 pixel"


      I realized I hadn't activated/registered yet, so I completed that process but I still get the limitation.


      I tried:

      Closing C4D and AE, restarting, opening the original .c4d I created before I registered;

      Restarting the computer, then reopening the original .c4d in After Effects;

      Deleting the original .c4d and creating a new one from After Effects


      I still get the output resolution limitation.


      I searched for documentation about the limit but didn't find any that referred to C4D Lite, only other demo versions (which had a smaller limit).


      Is that a hard limit for C4D Lite R14? Or should I keep banging my head against it?


      I tried contacting Maxon from the support email form on their site, but it rejects my serial number (the form asks for the first 11 digits, which includes a hyphen. I tried with the hyphen and it was rejected, I removed the hyphen and aded the next digit to total 11 and it rejected it... it

      's like they don't want to hear from me. There's also no selection for the "Lite" version of the program.)


      Intel i7 4770K, Asus Maximus VI Formula mobo, 32GB RAM, Asus GTX780Ti video card (nVidia), Windows 8.1, After Effects CC 2014, Cinema 4D Lite R14.