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    InDesign CC 2014 Font Issue


      Ever since I upgraded to InDesign CC 2014 from InDesign CC - I get a font/typekit issue when opening a file.


      When I open the InDesign file up in InDesign CC 2014 I get the following error with fonts (it doesn't really matter what font it is).



      But then if I close that file and open it right back up in InDesign CC it works fine. Not problems with any file in InDesign CC.


      Searched the forums and googled it but any problems I found were with 3rd party font programs like Suitcase, etc.


      I am using Font Book and Mac OS 10.9.4. oh and the fonts are on my computer (user>Library>Fonts)


      Any thoughts?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Show us a screen capture of the Find Font dialog. My guess is that there is at least one character (maybe a space) which is in the font indicated.

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            ColdTreeBrad Level 1

            Here is the find fonts screen for a file (Not always the same fonts, and some fonts in the same font family work - usually if they are not already used in the opening file). It happens for any file in InDesign CC 2014 but the same file works fine in InDesign CC.



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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              Wenn you go to find font, what does the text look like?

              How does your Paragraph Style look like? Is a + sign added? What's about your Character Style?

              Did you use false styles?

              Where does the font come from? Did you make your formatting complete in InDesign or did you import text together with some styles from another application like Word?

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                ColdTreeBrad Level 1

                Here is an image of the file in CC 2014 (with the paragraph & character style windows open):



                And here is the exact file opened in CC (with the paragraph & character style windows open):



                No false styles - got away from that when switched from Quark.


                Everything was done in InDesign (I had to cringe when you mentioned importing from Word).


                I hope this answers any questions.

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                  I don't have any answers, but I am experiencing a very similar problem in my shop. We just upgraded all of our designers to InDesign CC 2014 as well as Mac OS 10.9.4. We purchased licenses for Whitney, from typography.com which is only available as Open Type. We only have one source folder for the font and we have been using it in IDCS6 for months now. But whenever we open an IDCS6 file that contains Whitney, the Typekit Missing Fonts Dialog box appears saying the font is missing, but it somehow thinks Whitney is a T1 font even though it is an OT font. Also, when go into the Find Font dialog box, the change all buttons do not work. They work for some fonts, but not Whitney. I have tried trashing all copies of Whitney, emptying the trash and dragging the original OT font files into the system fonts folder and it seemed to worked better for that particular file, but still having the same issues with other files. Only one of our designers is not experiencing this problem. Not sure what the difference is between his system and everyone else's.

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                    ColdTreeBrad Level 1

                    Sorry you are having this problem - I know it's a pain and I had switched all my files back to InDesign CC files. Strange thing - the update that was just released last week - fixed my issue. If you haven't updated it yet - that might do the trick. I am running build for comparison.