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    problem with white balance (IR-Photography)




      I have a IR photo done with a pentax K01. After import in Lightroom (or open in Photoshop) the dng file I can see a very red picture. I check if white balance is "as shot" and lightroom says it's as shot. But if I'm locking with any other program on my mac (finder, ufraw, picture etc) at this picture, I see not a red picture. So it seems to me, there is some setting in the raw converter "wrong". Can anyone direct me to the right setting, so that I can see the pictures white balance "as shot"?

      By the way, auto tonal value is in lightroom disabled.


      Here are some example pictures from my problem. You can see how MAC OS reads the dng.


      And here's a screenshot how Lightroom interprets the dng.

      Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-14 um 23.24.59.png

      Or Photoshop


      In UFRAW it's the same as in Apple application



      I have checked this with a friend who has a Windows system, and there it is the same. All other Programms show it really as shot. Only Photoshop and Lighroom show it in red.

      The Camera has no ir filter anymore and the white balance is set for infrared.