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    Newbie Question - Learn FrameMaker from scratch


      Hi All,


      First of all, apologies for the cheesy screen name


      I am an IT developer at an MNC in India and want to move to technical writing. I do have a brief formal technical writing experience before and have published an engineering course ware book too. I have good MS Word authoring skills, but I have never worked with FrameMaker.


      Now I want to learn FM, from scratch!.


      Can anybody here point me to a good source for a complete FM newbie? (with good Word skills)


      • Any good book
      • Video channel on youtube (highly needed, since in the day time, I have my job and I only have 26 days left for the trial )
      • Any other online resources / PDFs etc


      I have started by looking at this link: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/framemaker/using/index.html  But it seems like it is for FM experts / intermediates. Frankly, I thought learning FM would be easy, but as I browse through the questions in this forum, I realize it's a sea not a pond / puddle as I had initially thought of


      Any sort of help would be highly appreciated. I am using the latest version, FrameMaker 12.


      Thanks in Anticipation


      - Navin