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    Lightroom 5.5 Import from Catalog *very* slow performance.


      Importing from a second catalog from a shoot is *very* slow with the last version or couple of versions of Lightroom.  It's been about 20 minutes and the import is moving glacially slow and is only about 20% done.


      Here are as many stats as I have:


      iMac 27" 3.5Ghz Core i7, 32G of ram, 3T fusion drive (the late 2013 model maxed out)


      Master catalog has 117,000 images in it.

      The catalog I'm importing has 948 images in it.


      CPU use during the import is 100% used by lightroom (note that the multiple CPUs can go to more than 100% so this means I think that one CPU is maxed out, though LR can sometimes take 500% of my CPUs during an export)

      Lightroom is using 4.2G of RAM (10G free in activity monitor)

      Hard drive is fairly full, but still has 366G free on it (so about 10%)


      Lightroom Mobile sync is enabled (not on this folder I don't think) but says "service unavailable" at this point.


      Lightroom is fully up to date (5.5) on both iMac and laptop (also a mac in case that matters).  Both are up to date with the latest OS software.


      How I did it was:


      • Export the shoot as a new catalog on my iMac
      • Transfer it to my laptop (smart previews only, no masters)
      • Edit images, metadata, etc
      • Transfer the entire folder back (.lrcat, previews, smart previews) to iMac
      • In my master catalog do an import from catalog
      • Waited for ages for checking for dupes (which I can understand with such a big catalog)
      • Selected to import all, changing metadata and develop edits, and selecting to put new images in the folder (not sure why it asked as there weren't any new images)


      The last time I did an import I started it and then went out somewhere so I didn't notice how long it took, but this seems completely crazy.  In the time it's taken to write this up it's now about 20 minutes later and the progress bar is maybe at the 33% range.  It's still working away, it's just crazy crazy slow.


      Anything to help out or debug would be greatly appreciated.  I suspect it's pure size of the catalog, but 120k isn't outside the realm of what I've heard people say works fine, or maybe the Fusion drive (maybe the OS is trying to move files around behind the scenes)? 


      Either way this didn't seem to be an issue until the last couple of versions (I haven't gone and re-installed 5.4 or 5.3 to check) and it's starting to really frustrate me

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          I've been waiting 24 hours for my catalog import to complete. I have around 3K images between the two catalogs.  Checking duplicates took the first 6 hours and the import has been going for another 18+ hours. I just cancelled and restarted and it looks like it's going to take the same amount of time. Surprising that I have a powerful machine and Lightroom isn't taking all my system resources.  It clearly has constant activity but it's not trying all that hard.

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            I have exactly the same problem. I'm trying to import the work-catalogue of my assistant and it's taking for AGES for ~600 images. I thought this gonna be a 10-minute-action max, but it's already "checking for duplicates" for 2 hours now. What? The? F***? The import probably takes longer than the time my assistant needed to work on the pictures.


            This needs to be sped up! Adobe wake up, there's a bug!