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    Create folder and copy files problem


      Hello all indesign script Members


      where I work we use a permanent folder structure for an example

      a jobnumber called "123123"


      I have wrote a little interface called interface.jsx, this file is saved and located in



      I want my interface to navigate two folders up


      to 123123/source/ creates  a folder called "hej" so result is "123123/source/hej"


      then I can pick from a little dialog box the folder 123123/source/a/ copy all .indd files to the folder hej (or any other folder I choose from the dialog box)


      I want the script to know the active path instead of whole locations because, we have different project numbers all the time.

      then run an extern script called hej.jsx


      the best should be also if the script could chose 123123 as default jobnumber too.


      Please could  someone help me to script this?

      /get started I am very newbie


      Thank you so much in advance


      All Adobe Members