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    Flyout menu for PS CC 2014 HTML extension panel



      Flyout menus were being supported by Flash panels. But after migrating to HTML5 panel, I found that it is not supporting flyout menus. However, after the release of the CC 2014 apps, I found in the CC 2014 Extension SDK documentation, that CEP 5 engine supports a SetPanelFlyoutMenu() method. But I am unable to call the method from within the extension. It gives the below error :



      Seems like the method is not present in the CEPEngine_extensions API, though it is mentioned in the SDK documentation that the method should be there. Am I missing something here? Kindly help.

      Thanks in advance.

      Note: I have upgraded to target CC 2014 extensions as mentioned in Hallgrimur Bjornsson's below blog:

      Adobe Extension Builder and Creative Cloud 2014