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    Implementing a clickTag in Adobe Edge?




      Currently I am supplying HTML5 banners to a quite out-dated media supplier, who are being the opposite of helpful...As I asked for guidelines to supply my Edge banners, they only provided me with their actionscript:


      on(release) {

      getURL(_root.clickTag, “_blank”) ;



      Which I am assuming is not correct for HTML5, so I did some searching around and I came across a discussion with this for Edge?


      window.open( window.clickTag, '_blank' );


      The banners have been approved, and the only thing in testing that is being flagged up is the clickTag not working. I really could do with some help, because my account handlers are considering a complete re-build in Flash which is not the correct format for our Target Market, as they mostly use Ipads.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.