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    Lightroom does not sync with LR Mobile


      Lightroom Desktop 5.5 [968504]

      Mac OS 10.9 (3)


      I started to work with LR 5.5 Desktop two weeks before. Because the LR Mobile sync was quite unstable, I decided to start over. I used the "delete all data" option in LR Desktop -> Settings and re-logged on with my Cloud account in the LR Mobile settings.

      Since then Lightroom Desktop never ever started to sync with LR Mobile again. Sync is turned on and I am logged on, Internet connection is fine. But it does not matter which collection I mark for sync, it happens nothing.

      I also tried to deinstall and reinstall Lightroom Desktop itself, but no success. LR Mobile sync is still not working.


      Could you please help me?


      Regards, Mathias

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