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    shape resizing question

    km28 Level 1

      hi. is it possible to resize/scale just one side of a shape or piece of footage (like you can in Indesign, for example, to resize a box) without scaling the opposite side of it at the same time, or without having to move the anchor point every time you want to scale something down a bit? when i go to make an image slightly smaller, trying to constrain it by dragging one corner, the opposite corner moves also, which messes with alignment etc.  thanks!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In the Composition panel when you click on a corner and drag, or in the Timeline when you click and drag on a scale value, the scaling always is centered on the anchor point. There is no "Transform Box" like in Illustrator, Photoshop, In Deign, etc., where you can temporarily set a corner  or center for transformations.


          There is a work around that will maintain layer position. Switch between the Pan Behind tool and the direct selection tool using the keyboard shortcuts Y and V. Using the V (pan behind tool) to move the anchor point in the Composition Panel will not move the layer in the scene so your alignment should stay put. AE's snapping feature will help easily find the edges or the center so you can easily re-position the anchor point after the transform. I hope this helps.