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    Transferring Photos and Edits from computer to computer

    florida_guy Level 1

      I have made a mess and if what I explain below confuses you but you know the right way to do this I am more than happy to start over to get this right.


      During a recent trip I edited some of my photos on my MacBook Pro. Now I want to transfer all of my photos and the edits from my MacBook Pro to my PC.

      I copied the photos to a holding directory on my PC.

      I copied the Lightroom catalog from the MacBook Pro to a holding directory on my PC.

      The MacBook Pro catalog has ONLY the photos from this last trip in it.

      I imported the MacBook Pro Lightroom catalog into the the PC Lightroom catalog.

      I moved the photos to the same relative directory in my PC file structure as they were in my MacBook Pro file structure. I say relative because the root location is different on the two computers.

      From here things get messy...

      This didn't work so I tried importing the files in place.

      Then I re-imported the catalog but none of my edits were there.

      Then I noticed a root "\" directory had my photos in. Which were probably the original ones before I did the import in place.

      I tried to "find files" but in wouldn't do it because it said I had duplicates.

      It is currently showing that I have as many duplicates as I do new photos.

      In the root directory version of the photos the photos I flagged as green after I edited them show as green but the image itself is blank.

      Then I renamed the folder in my normal Lightroom catalog and tried to "Find missing files" with the root version. The directory in the root disappeared but I don't know where it went.

      I also noticed there are copies of each photo with different file names and different times stamps. The time stamps makes sense since I was in a different time zone when I took them vs when I copied them but the file name shouldn't be different. I copied from the SD to the MacBook Pro and from there to the PC.

      What should I do?

      If you need clarification to answer, please ask.