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    InDesign CC 2014 - Dual Monitor UI Problem - Switching between VMWare Fusion (Full Screen)


      I am having a weird UI issue when I switch between VMWare Fusion and InDesign CC 2014.

      I have a Mac OS 10.9, dual monitor setup. In InDesign CC 2014, the document window is on monitor (1) and all of the tabbed palettes on monitor (2). When I switch to VMWare Fusion application (running in "Full Screen" and "Use All Displays in Full Screen Mode") and switch back to InDesign CC 2014, the tabbed palette array jumps out of place and partially into monitor (1).

      The problem does not happen in InDesign CC and does not happen in CC 2104 when switching between applications other than VMWare Fusion, or if Fusion is not in Full Screen mode. To further complicate, this problem does no occur if I switch from InDesign->VMWare->Finder->InDesign, only when I switch directly from VMWare->InDesign.


      Similar cases in the forum suggest that System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Displays have separate spaces (Unchecked) might be the solution. However, that preference was already unchecked and toggling does not resolve the issue.


      Before switching to VMWare Fusion:


      After switching to VMWare Fusion:


      If I switch from the above to any application other than VMWare Fusion, say the Finder and back to InDesign, the palette jumps back into place.


      Not a critical fix, but hopefully worth noting.