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    _totalframes is larger than my number of frames

    Hasenstein Level 1
      I have an MC with exactly 4 frames showing in the timeline. However, _totalframes reports 16 frames!

      I tried selecting (in the Flash 8 Prof. GUI) those "virtual" non-existing frames and deleting them, by selecting a number of frames after my 4th frame (although they already show up empty). HOwever, I seem to be getting even more, yesterday I only had 3 frames more visible, today it's 12...

      Is it possible frames once created in the GUI are never deleted? Anyway, how do I get those non-visible (in the GUI) frames deleted?

      UPDATE: Just found out when I select "Select all frames" from the timlines context menu those unwanted additional frames are selected, so this way I now CAN see how many there really are. Still, attempting to delete them is unsuccessful!

      ANOTHER UPDATE: I just selected all those additional frames in the GUI (first made visible using the above method), and converted them to "real" frames. Now I ended up with even more non-existing and unwanted frames, my timeline now had 80(!!!) frames when I selected "select all frames"!!!