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    Making buttons rollovers and hyperlinks work in an interactive PDF!




      I'm actually real life tearing my hair out here, I wonder if anyone can help??


      I'm desperately desperately trying to make a simple document, that has a few menus where text will link to certain pages, and that has a few links to websites via highlighted text.


      I have -finally after an entire day of trying!- managed to create a 'go to page' element in an interactive pdf so that the links within the document can connect to the correct pages. However! I cannot at all get the external website links to work and I cannot get any of the rollover states for the buttons to work. It is important to get it to work as otherwise the user doesnt know that its an interactive element!


      I hope that makes sense?


      To be clear:


      -The Rollover states of the biuttons do not work ing an interactive pdf


      -and the URL links do not work in a PDF


      Please please can anyone help?? I was supposed to finish this this morning but it looks like it will be a late night for me. Adobe is usually so good but this has been a total nightmare, not intuitive to use at all and no clear information on how to use it