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    Will my .book files implode if I move and rename .fm files?


      I have directory A with BookA.book and 25 .fm files in the book.

      I have directory B with BookB.book and 25 .fm files in the book.

      The weird thing is that BookA.book points to a few files in directory B, and BookB.book points to a few files in directory A.


      The two books are related,and possibly/probably should reside in one folder with BookA.book and BookB.book in the one folder.


      Rather than using Windows to move the files from directory B to A, which would kill the bookfiles and the Xrefs, etc., I understand that I can go the BookA.book and rename/move certain files from directory B into Directory A. But I afraid that would destroy BookB.book and it's cross references -- BookB.book would find that some of its .fm files are missing and will throw up on me before I ever get a chance to open BookB.book and rename/move the files.


      How can I get these two books into one folder?


      I'm new at this, .... is it as bad as I think?