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    unable to set bounding box--why does this happen?


      I am working on a 1,000 page book. I have 500 graphics linked. Got to page 817 and it crashed. When I re-opened there were blank pages. What causes this? What can I do to prevent this? I tried the suggestions, but it didn't work. So went back to the day before that was saved. Please help me avoid this problem in the future.


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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm a little confused by your post. Where does the Bounding Box error fit in to the problem? What did you try that didn't work?


          The only suggestion I can give you is to break your book up into separate documents - by chapter or section, perhaps. Join them in an InDesign Book File. That way, a document crash will only take down the one section. As to what caused the crash: you haven't given enough information to figure that out.

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            Joel Cherney Level 5

            I've handled long documents in InDesign quite a few times, and I've found that crashy InDesign documents is rarely a function of length, except in certain circumstances. My personal experience is that the use of Smart Text Reflow and Layout Adjustment can cause problems, I've found - turn that stuff off if possible. And I turn Preflight off when working in long docs, and if I have cross-references or GREP styles, I try to do those things last in order to avoid processor-intensive constant re-parsing of the entire document.


            However, all of the above usually work, even in vast documents. And most of the document crashes I've been able to track down have been caused by individual corrupt frames, placed graphics, or imported Word styles.


            Once again, this is just my personal experience.


            If you are working on a Mac, it's possible to get crash reports that can (sometimes) help us figure out what caused the crash.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I've seen a bug that cropped up in CC a few times, and I bet this is it. If you go to one of these blank pages, I bet you can do a select all and the dimensions of the selection will be astronomically small or astronomically large, showing in the control panel in scientific notation. The only way I know to reliably fix this is to delete the objects and the pages and replace them.

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                copyitltd@att.net Level 1

                Thank you -- you are right the dimensions were -0.014 in the scientific notation. Being that the pages were part of a text string of 816 pages I had no way (even through story editor) to get the deleted part back. Tried cut and paste from another backup file, but that confused the text flow and ended up on the pasteboard! It was as if there was an invisible "something" blocking the pasting in that page or any page inserted.


                The part of the book I am working on presently is an adjustment of copy and additions, subtractions and re-sizing of graphics to accommodate the editors changes.


                I finally just deleted the file -- went back to Sunday's saved files and had to re-do all of Mondays work.


                Any way to avoid problems like this in the future -- I have another book to set?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Text flow should not be a problem. Deleting linked frames just pushes the text into the following frames, so you can delete the pages, add new pages to replace them, then add new text frames on the new pages and thread them in where they belong. Probably easiest way to do that is first thread any consecutive new frames together, then click the outport on the last frame before a new empty and click inside the empty frame.


                  I don't have a clue what causes this, so I have no way to give an informed opinion on the cause. I've seen it now at least half a dozen times, which leads me to think its a bug, and it wouldn't surprise me if the bug were in either the page tool, or more likely something to do with liquid layout/alternate layout, which is a little newer.