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    SOAP Problems

    Pedro Varela Level 1
      Good day to all;

      I'm devoloping a Control Time System which I have to call severel services which return several information.. the problem is, that some services needs the information returned by another service, and the information never gets at time,, I call the service, and it goes to the function in result=getActivityList, when it returns stops there all the information in my variables desappear.

      sometimes I try to debbug, and when it return

      <mx:WebService id="unitsService">
      wsdl=" http://dquidcpv:8080/xfire/services/UnitService?wsdl"
      <mx:operation name="listActivities"
      result="getActiviyList();" <--- To this point
      , even if they're globla vars.. the thing is, i don't know how to control the call of the services, and how to finish the request...
      If you got the idea of my problem, please write me back as soon as possible.

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          One way to implement this is to call the dependent service in the resultHandler. For example, if call to serviceX is dependent on results from the call to unitsService, in your code snippet, then you can call serviceX in the getActivityList() function, which is the resultHandler for unitsService.

          Use of AsyncTokens might also hel when calling multiple services. Please look up documentation for AsyncToken usage.

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            Pedro Varela Level 1
            Ok, thanks that for sure is my problem, all service calls are asynch.. i'll read about thenk you very much.