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    problems using help forum

    Muckl Level 1

      hello ladies and gentleman,


      though beeing a CC member since more than a year I am a very beginner and hardly can be creative due to my problems in handling the administrative part of the wonderful adobe applications.


      It seems somewhat ridiculous but I have major problems with the help forum  or joining communities the longer I try to work with the CC. My actual problem is, I can’t find my questions anymore I put into the help forum a couple of days before nor can I find any discussion I ever had with the community.

      So I think I need assistance by a very patient person who slightly shows me the way how to communicate in case of having troubles in using any CC application. Primarily I need to know

      how can I put my question at the right place

      how can I track the answers even not working with a CC app

      how can I answer

      what els is important to know e.g. giving points etc.


      Any answer is appreciated very much. I'll keep this page open for otherwise I don't know if I have any answer.


      Thanks, Muck