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    Presenter 10, reporting enabled (failure to launch)


      I recently upgraded to Presenter 10

      I create a simple one slide presentation - no problem

      If I enable reporting (AICC) , I get the spinning green arrow (forever). (publishing to SWF)

      Any ideas?

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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



          It seems that you have AICC reporting enabled in your course.

          If this setting on, you cannot view the published content locally. You will have to place the content on LMS to view it.

          If this is not the case, could you please share a sample presentation that has the problem ?



          Alpi Agarwal

          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team

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            CharlesCallis Level 1

            Yes this is the case. If I disable reporting the problem goes away. However, to send to the LMS team for testing is a problem for me (bureaucracy). Can I just move the files to a network directory? In Presenter 7.0 I was able to do this locally.... I don't understand why the difference.


            Sorry, I appreciate your help, but I have been very disappointed with my experience upgrading to Presenter 10, and also with my experience with Adobe Support (case #0185657263).


            I will go back to Presenter 7 which seemed much better (I do not need HTML 5). Also I continue to play with Articulate software which (currently) seems to have fewer bugs.