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    All CC Programs have a Crash on Save Issue...

    Maxwell Luther

      I am constantly having to go back to the 5th Version of PS, AI and ID because the CC versions are so damned unstable that they will often crash rather than save anything, no matter what I do. I'm really not getting my money out of this subscription at this point. Not even close.


      I'm working on a 2012 ASUS Essentio running Win 8.1, I've checked memory and I'm not even touching a GB out of my 8GB, so that isn't it. And this problem plagued both CC and CC2014, but not 5, so this has to be a software issue.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Chances are good that the problem is specific to your system, since it doesn't crash for everyone.  I have been running Photoshop CC and now Photoshop CC 2014 since the day they were released on Windows 8.1 and haven't had a single crash while saving.


          Do you have any anti-malware software installed other than Microsoft's default?


          Have you added any 3rd party shell extensions to your system to do something special to/in Explorer windows?


          Have you tried basic troubleshooting, such as removing all 3rd party plug-ins, resetting Photoshop preferences to defaults, ensuring drivers are up to date, etc.?


          Have you tried turning off background saves to see if it's specific to that activity?


          What's in your Windows Event Log (Application Log) corresponding to the crashes?



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            Maxwell Luther Level 1

            I'm using Avast anti-virus.


            No 3rd party anything.


            All programs are updated and default.


            Background Saves? What are those?


            Windows isn't offering up any info for me. Just offering the option to close the program.


            If it makes a difference, the problem started when I saved to a new folder, i.e. when Saving As... I create a new folder in the save dialog box. I think this might be what happened a few of the other times as well.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Re Background Saves:


              • In Photoshop, in the File Handling section you will see settings for Save in background and Automatically Save Recovery Information.  Try alternate settings for those.


              Windows doesn't offer the event information I mentioned, you have to go get it:


              • Hit your Win key and type event viewer.  Start the Event Viewer.
              • Expand Windows Logs and click on Application.
              • Scroll down until you see a red Error event corresponding in time to the Photoshop failure.
              • What Faulting module path does it show?

                While you're there, check in you System event log as well, and see if you see any problems listed with your disk.


              Based on what you've written so far I suspect you may have file system corruption or a disk failure brewing.  Before stressing your disk further it might not be a bad time to back up your important files.