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    Editing multiple files from Lighroom in Photoshop does not work


      I'm not sure if this is within the capabilities of Lightroom (I've just moved-in from the Aperture camp).  But selecting multiple files and clicking Command + E opens them in Photoshop.  In Photoshop I run a batch using a few filters, then save and close.  However, upon returning to Lightroom, the edited files are nowhere to be found.  Where are they, where have they gone?


      If I do this with a small number of files (two or three), it works perfectly fine, and Lightroom automatically creates stacks with the edited PSDs on top of my original NEFs.  But doing this with a larger number of files (50, say), causes Lightroom so mysteriously lose the PSDs. 


      Am I missing something here?  Please anyone, help, as this is slowing down my workflow terribly!



      Michael Kormos

      Fresh & Modern Family Photography