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    Why is resizing low light images better result in PS than LR?


      Decadent_Eccentric_1406-36.jpgDecadent_Eccentric_1406-36a-2.jpgWhen shooting band and dance performances in clubs I have a lot of low light images that look great in LR at full res 16nit colour... But when exporting resizing to long edge 960 JPEG at 100% Quality converting to SRGB it can appear grainy and pixelated in the darker/shadow portions. Taking the same image in light room, launching edit in PS, hittin Save for Web to JPEG 960 long edge 100% quality convert to sRGB (Bicubic) it comes out looking smooth.


      Is there a way to get this same resizing performance without having to leave Lightroom to speed up work flow?


      First image Lightroon export, noticeable noise in black/arm/cheek/light surface behind performer's back.

      Second image direct launch to Photoshop from Lightroom, save for web, much less noise