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    Indesign to PDF - Font showing up as small boxes


      I am exporting an Indesign Document to PDF. The font in parts of the document are showing up as small boxes, and are not translating to you PDF version correctly when viewed in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

      The document is too large to outline all they text, I am at 36 pages if heavy content (with bullet points that are not outlined correctly). I did not have is issue until I moved over to my new iMAC. I am wondering if there is just a simple setting I am missing.


      Please let know if you have any solutions to correcting this font translation from InDesign to a PDF

      The font i use is Helvetica Neue and has downloaded an my computer successfully


      I have tried:

      Outlining text- too time consuming and does not handle the bullet points correctly

      Updating Adobe Acrobat

      Embedding Fonts 100%
      Compressing the Files

      Changing the setting to "PDF/X-4:2008" when exporting
      Saving as PDF/X from Acrobat Pro



      I am currently stumped and need a solution as soon as possible.

      Thank you so much for your help!