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    Data Merge Not Displaying Images


      This is my first go using Data Merge and so far so good. I have my master template set up and have successfully merged data from my csv file into a multi-page data merge document.


      For reference I am using ID CC and Windows 7


      My problem is data merging images.


      My csv is set up using '@image as a header, and I am using a relative link in the below field (/image-folder/image.jpg)


      ID recognises the image header and shows 'image' in the data source, but when I assign it to my frame nothing is displayed. I have the fitting set to fit the frame.


      My path seems to be correct, as if I change it, my image does not appear in the layer palette.


      I am not seeing the image when I hit 'preview' in the data merge palette, or when I perform the data merge itself.


      Really in need of some help!

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          ts743 Level 1

          Have also tried placing all images, ID file and csv file in the same directory with no joy

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            ja3754 Level 2

            Try creating a new blank document containing a single graphics frame. Drag the 'image' entry from the Data Merge panel on to the frame. It should now show <<image>> within the frame (see screenshot). See if data merge works now.


            If not, another thing to check is the separators in the file path in your csv file. To get the correct path, place a test image then go to the flyout menu in the Links panel and select Copy Info > Copy Platform Style Path.



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              Hi there did you get any resolution to this issue, I'm having the exact same problem, I set up a test with just one image copied the absolute path and then performed the merge and the link appears in the link panel, but still doesn't appear in the document! Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 7.45.08 am.png

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                ts743 Level 1

                It turned out not to be a path issue, it seems InDesign is incredibly buggy when dealing with data merge! My images weren't displaying purely because of a the layout, and I don't mean there was an error in it, but moving a text frame a few px left or right solved it... I have no idea why unfortunately, but it was a great day.

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                  Rock& Level 1

                  Thanks for letting me know, I also had a Eureka moment a couple of days ago InDesign was having an an issue with the @product image title in the CSV. It seems data merge is a fickle mistress!