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    LoadVars and Crossdomain

      Hello everybody,

      i am trying to build an application.
      I load html content from remote servers using loadvars.
      If I put my app on line and try to load html content, say, of the google homepage no problem, it works.
      The problem is when I am programming/debugging and I work on my local machine.
      I have to define the swfs (or the folder containing them) which are allowed to load content from the internet.
      So far so good, again.
      My problem is when i run a local webserver.
      I didn't find a way to fake the fact that I am online. It seems there is no way.
      A friend o' mine modified the /etc/hosts file of the local apache. He succeeded. You connect to "yourserver.com" but, actually, you connect "localhost". That way he can load internet content on a local machine.
      He works on winxp.
      I work on a mac (10.4.9). I did the same, but it doesn't work.
      I can't load content from the internet.
      Did anybody try this solution, or a similar one, on a mac?

      Thanks in advance,