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    Actual Clear Real Transparency NOT black or white




      I have a video of a guy walking that I want to loop and paste over other video to make it look like he's walking through that area. I know, I should've used a green screen, but alas I didn't and am now trying to "fix it in post."


      I've imported the loop into photoshop frame by frame, and have been magneto-lassoing his body and then selecting inverse, and hitting delete. When I do this, it shows the checked "transparency" in photoshop, surrounding the guy. Perfect! However, when I export the video, the background is now BLACK, NOT TRANSPARENT. How can I get it to just render NEGATIVE SPACE, like literally nothing just see-thru. Is this possible?


      I have the guy in the middle of the frame, and I only want him, NOT the background...but I need those dimensions to preserve him in the right part of the screen, and that's why I want a real transparent background.


      I am firstly interested in photoshop solutions to this problem, but will also welcome AE/Premiere results as well.