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    Rendering error: moving color bands


      When I render a video the product contains vertically moving, colored bands of different sizes that disappear after ~40 frames. I have rendered the file on different machines, different versions of AE CC, rebuilt it using different formats of the components, changed rendering settings, rendered with the media encoder, and none of these removed or improved the bands. The video file contains 6 identical adobe illustrator files on separate layers. I suspect the issue has something to do with this but nothing I can't seem to locate the problem. Any thoughts or ideas? Examples below:


      example_1.png example_2.jpg

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That looks like it could be compressing artifacts. Very saturated colors and MPEG compression = not good. What happens if you render to a production codec or an image sequence and then render your compressed deliverables?


          If I knew anything at all about your render settings I might be able to make a better guess.

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            Mylez Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Rick! I tried rendering to a png sequence in a few different ways, none worked. I also rendered it using a couple different compression settings and that also didn't work. Strangely, there are no errors in the AE preview but however I render it, the product still contains these bands.