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    Inconvenient printed job results Output ES4

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      Hi all,


      I was testing some printing jobs using default XDC that comes with LiveCycle ES4 installation (hppcl5c.xdc, hppcl5e.xdc and hp4350pcl5e.xdc), but i got Inconvenient results when sending the job to print; xml data and logo have been moved into the printed form causing they don't match with the form components as should be at design time. Consulting SAP documentation for Adobe Document Services, it says that there should be XDC files that are shipped for diferent device types like POST2, HPLJ4, HP9500, etc. I'm using a Sharp - MX M264N printer that supports PCL 5e, PCL 6. I have the same design but IFD Form in Adobe Central Output with HPLJ4 selected option as device printer in Presentment Targets and it works fine. ¿Where can i find a XDC library or a HPLJ4 XDC in order to obtain the same result just as in Adobe Central?


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