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    TextInput is not editable when used in PopUpManager for mobile app


      Hello everybody,


      I am using spark TextInput and TextArea in a Group view on mobile application.. When I was adding this group as a component into my application everything worked fine..



        titleEdit = new TitleEditWindow();





      But now I am using this with the help of PopUpManager class.



        titleEdit = new TitleEditWindow();


      titleEdit.init();               // this init function is adding eventlisteners to buttons in the titleEdit Component..

      PopUpManager.addPopUp(titleEdit,this, true);


      Now the problem is that both of the TextInput and TextArea components in the TitleEditWindow are not taking input, I can set the value into it with code and I can see it.. all the buttons and even the dropdown menu is clickable. Just the input fields are non-responsive..

      I have set explicitly the editable = true and focusEnabled = true, but no luck

      It is neither working on simulator nor on devices..


      anyone faced this issue and solved, please help..