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    Gaston Plourde


      There is something mysterious going on with my copy of Lightroom 5.5 and just cannot find what it is causing it.



      Here’s what I did…



      Day one… 



      Imported 51 photos from my hard drive into LR with smart previews. 



      Made 2 collections out of them named respectively “Collection 1” and “Collection 2” with 22 photos in “Collection 1” and the remaining in “Collecton 2”. 



      Edited the first 22 photos in the development module and then exported them back to the same drawer on the hard drive into a different sub-drawer of course. 



      Day two… 



      Started LR. Opened “Collection 2”, the one that was not yet edited. 



      Putting my cursor on “Smart Review” says that the original file is offline but this photo can still be edited. 



      Note that I have never moved my original files from where they were from the beginning.


      Sure enough, upon entering in the development module, a note appears saying that the original file cannot be found. 



      Now just to make sure the files are not missing, I used Windows Esplorer to check my files and sure enough, they are still there in the same drawer they were at the beginning. 



      Now that is mysterious isn’t it. 



      The only way I can edit these files now is by renaming them. I sure would like to know what is going on. 



      Thanks for any feedback…