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    How do I create an accessible PDF that doesn't generate a "tagged annotations - failed" error on the Accessibility Checker?

    GarethLind Level 1

      I just reported this as a bug to Adobe, as I think it is.



      Concise problem statement: URLs generated from InDesign CC failed on Accessibility Checker (problem also exists in 2014)

      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1. Generated URLs using hyperlinks panel in InDesign. When accessibility report is run, they are flagged as "Tagged annotations - Failed," listed as Element 1, 2, etc. The links are live and clickable.

      2. To test, I removed all hyperlinks in Acrobat. It passed the test.

      3. Then I used "Create Links from URLs." The links were re-created. Running the accessibility report brought up the same error message.

      Results: The links created by Acrobat that actually do work fail the "tagged annotations" report. You have provided the tools to check accessibility, but the program itself can't generate URLs that pass the report.

      Expected results: I should be able to easily create an accessible pdf, as your documentation says I can. This, along with the failure of your "articles" panel detailed in another bug report, strike me as a serious problem with InDesign that should be fixed soon, especially given that designers are required more an more to adhere to accessibility guidelines.