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    AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller_14_ltrosxd_aaa_aih.dmg Will Not Install with Mac OS 10.9.4


      Hi all i was prompted to install the new flash update,


      i tried to install at first i was getting an error with safari being open, when it was closed, i had forced quit the browser

      and also checked Activity Manager to make sure it was shut.


      after reading the adobe help information i uninstalled flash and restarted the computer, i started the process again

      the safari problem did not come up apon the new install, But i had a new problem i get a general error at around 75-85%,

      of the install.e


      so now i have no flash player, i read the forums there is another thread that links,  install_flash_player_osx-.dmg

      some people saying that this works for OS 10.9.4, so i tried this option but now the file does not pass the download stage of the install at around 20%.


      and the same old General error comes up again leaving me stuck, i am a stay at home dad that builds websites and i need Flash Player.

      any help would be greatly welcomed.