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    Problem playing sequential progressive videos

    Urf Level 1
      Hey, I've been banging my head against the wall on this and didn't know if any of y'all have a solution other than getting a proper streaming server.

      I have a series of video clips which I load into a built-in flash video component. This seems to work just fine. I've added a listener event to add them on movie.ready.

      The problem comes in playback. Because these flv files are coming off a server, flash has no idea how long they are. When I add the movie.complete listener to the component to go to the next flv upon completion, it works fine for the first clip (the second clip starts as expected) but subsequent clips start to play and then the listener is triggered unexpectedly. The result is that the player moves to the next clip before the clip is actually finished.

      Anyone solve this problem before?