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    Why is there no simple way to delete unused reference pages from multiple FM files?


      I have hundreds of files in which some, but not all, of the reference pages are not being used. I don't want to open each file and manually click each page and then delete the pages one by one... what can I do to fix this? I think the files were all created with the same template but ironically the author imported graphics (by reference) onto the reference pages. The path to the referenced graphics (which are located on the reference pages) is invalid, and now all the FM files have errors. I am not a framemaker master, so this may be a simple fix, but I can't figure it out. I tried opening a file (file A) and deleting the unused reference pages. Then I saved it as a new file name (file B) and tried to import the reference pages of "file B" into "file A". This did not work. It just added additional reference pages to file A. I just want to be able to generate a list of reference pages for the files and then only delete the ones that I don't need. Please help. Any suggestions???