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    I really need help ...


      with the problem i got .. so the problem is every time i try to save a picture from the web what does have the same size i am using for my layer in ps and i try to put it on the layer it just gets really small and i dont know why cause i always have the same size so it wouldve be nice if someone cuold help me thx

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          sishamDSS Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like you are copying an image from the web (which is fine for personal use or if you have permission to use it) which may be either 72dpi or 96ppi and importing it into a higher resolution document, may be 300ppi. Check the image size of your Photoshop document Image>Image Size..(Alt+Ctrl+I) and see what the ppi settings are. If this is the case work out what you are creating this for print or web, if print probably not the best idea but if for web try reducing your Photoshop Document in size to match.

          I hope this helps.