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    clear concept about layer

    Tasruzzaman Babu

      I am a new learner of photoshop. i am enjoing it to learn. but a matter is still a great  confusing. due to it i cannot understand Photoshop deeply. and it looks like very hard to me. the concept is layer concept. i cannot understand properly what is the significance of various layers.ok, i am explaining it. some times i do double clik on background and make it layer 0.sometimes i click ctrl+j and copy layer. sometimes i duplicate layer. sometimes i take 3 or for layer in a simple operation.( i do these according to the given tutorial. but my concept is not clear, so i had to memorize these).but why are these necessary for a operation? what is layer actually and what is its function? i want to give an example to u. once i made a sketch from a color photo following a tutorial. at first i press ctrl+j. then i  desaturated the image. then i again  press ctrl+j (to copy the new layer). then i inverted the image. then i converted to smart object, color dodge operation etc. and the image became a sketch. but when i tried to invert the image after desaturating without taking a new layer, i became failed though i did next all steps. why? here, what's the necessity to copy layer for 2 times(1st for starting, 2nd for after desaturating)? this types of problem occure for many other operations. so i want to gather clear concept about layer. anybody please, let me know!

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          here are the basics about layers and should give you a better understanding: Photoshop Help | Layer basics

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            At least follow the directions on post #1 above.


            You cannot learn Photoshop from scratch in a forum, question by question.


            As I've typed countless times over the years, Photoshop is a professional level application that makes no apologies for its long and steep learning curve.


            Your needs far exceed the scope of this forum.


            To start learning, read the Help files; take a class in your nearest community college or similar educational institute, watch the Adobe video tutorials on this site, take a subscription to lynda.com, etc.  There are many learning tools out there, just Google "learning Photoshop".


            Good luck (and please remember this is a user site. I do not work for Adobe).