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      A little question, coming from Flash I would like to know if there is a way to accelerate/decelerate the timeline framerate, I want to make a kind of gotoandstop with acceleration/deceleration !


      thank you for your help

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Does the information under Timeline Tips Adobe Edge Tips and Tricks answer your question?




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            jbowden Adobe Employee

            Hi there,


            To increase or decrease the duration of a transition, click on the end of the transition you want to adjust, and then drag right or left. If you want want to adjust all of them together, click on the top transition bar. See the attached screenshot, below:


            Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.11.37 PM.png




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              Spout Level 1

              Hello, thank you for your help, but I have to appology because I probably wasn't clear in my question.


              I made some resarch on the web, and it is not possible to change the frame rate in Edge (in flash you can) What I want to do is a kind of acceleration/deceleration when playing the timeline like a playto() with ease InOut.

              I want that for the visitor to have the possibility to speed the animation to the next chapter.


              I think I need a function like a set interval saying goto next frame. the time of the interval changing to make the acceleration/deceleration ?


              I continu on this way and tell you if I find


              Thank again for you help, and excuse me for my english

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                jbowden Adobe Employee

                Hi there,


                With HTML5 animation, there's no concept of frames over time such as used in the Flash player - just animation over time. Animate's timeline is thus time-based, and not frame-based.


                It is possible to manually apply easings to your transitions in the timeline, but to do easing or speed changes to animations programmatically with the Animate runtime would not be an easy task (there's nothing native to the Animate API to help in this task). I'd recommend that instead you look to other Javascript libraries that are dedicated animation, such as greensock or others. You can add these libraries in Animate, and then use their apis to control your elements programmatically.




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