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    CC-Manager claims Photoshop 14.0 to be up to date. How to update to 14.2 ?!?


      I tried for two days to update PS 2014.


      CC-Manager keeps telling me it's up to date and in PS Help->Update says also everything ist most recent. - Only it is NOT!


      So far I

      - simply uninstalled PS 2014, restarted CC and reinstalled ... well it offered me to install PS 14 and just reinstalled 14.0 !?!?!

      - uninstalled PS CC and PS 2014 .... well it offered me to install PS 2014 reinstalled 14.0 !?!?!

      - uninstalled PS 2014 and CC and had the cleanup tool clean up some remains from a long gone CS3, than reinstalled CC and .... well it again reinstalled PS 14.0 !?!?!

      - Found a direkt link to the patch install for 14.2 .... well it says it cannot apply the patch fo a non given reason !?!?!

      - finally uninstalled PS 2014 and CC and updated OSX from 10.7.5 to 10.9.4 and reinstalled CC and (surprise now it offered me updates available for AI and ID) and ... pardon my french here .... it f****ing reinstalled PS 14.0  !?!?! - PLUS it switched the interface from english to german !?!?!.


      I any advice anyone?