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    epub navigational TOC problem


      Indesign CC 2014; OS 10.9.4

      I am having trouble getting a hidden layer, with style applied in the TOC dialogue box, to export to epub navigational TOC.  When it is showing, it exports perfectly, but not when the layer is hidden.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've moved this to the InDesign EPUB forum.

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            Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

            I am not sure what your workflow is here but it sounds tricky. What are you trying to accomplish?


            It is by design that InDesign does export Objects or content which are effectively hidden.



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              mara.prestia@gmail.com Level 1

              Thanks for responding!  I am attempting to create a navigational TOC, with two levels, that reads differently than the actual titles of the book chapters, i.e., in most cases, adding "Chapter 1:" to the beginning of the title.  As there is also front matter, section dividers, and a glossary, there are different levels that I want in the TOC, and so I have created TOC styles that define these levels, and what I want each navigational TOC entry to say.  I've applied TOC-specific styles to these on a hidden layer of each chapter, as I don't want the hidden layer to appear on the actual epub pages...just in the navigational TOC.  When the layer is hidden, it doesn't appear at all in the navigational TOC, and instead, a file title navigational TOC shows up, and has unwanted dashes everywhere there is supposed to be a space.  When the hidden layer is showing, the exported epub has a perfectly constructed, exactly the way I want it, navigational TOC, but it appears on the chapter page, and I don't want it there.  Yes, I have selected "multilayered TOC" instead of file title when constructing the TOC styles.  Not sure if this makes any sense, but I appreciate your response and any thoughts you might have.


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                Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

                Yea, all that is not going to work because the navigation TOC is not built quite the way you think it is.


                The "print TOC", which is what you get when you run the Table Of Contents function and place the resulting Story in InDesign, is at export the same as any other Story. True, we do treat it specially in certain ways, but what we do NOT do is use that Story to create the EPUB Navigation TOC.


                That TOC is generated on the fly at export time using a variety of methods, one of which is it use a TOC Style. if you have not edited the "print TOC" then the two are going to come out pretty much the same, but they are independent things.


                At the current time the only way to achieve what you are doing is to edit the EPUB after export with an appropriate tool, such as Oxygen.


                What you are trying to accomplish is entirely reasonable, we just do not offer any support for that within InDesign at this time.



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                  mara.prestia@gmail.com Level 1

                  Certainly explains why I haven't been able to customize the epub navigational TOC.  Thanks for your help.


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                    ellfire Level 1

                    Can you explain what file and how I could edit the exported ePub to fix this issue?  I am running into it because I am using image files as chapter headings instead of selectable text.  Thanks.